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Britain's leading health and nutrition charity, Viva! Health, produces a range of colourful, easy-to-read and informative guides, fact sheets and scientific reports on a number of issues surrounding vegetarianism and veganism. Most of these publications are available for health care professionals to purchase for resale at half price, providing helpful resources for your patients at fantastic value for money.

If you would like to view a sample copy of any of these resources before ordering you can request these using the form below (or by calling Viva! Health on 0117 970 51900 or emailing Remember to say you are a health professional!

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Viva!life magazine
Free to health care professionals (RRP £15 per annum)

Published three times a year, Viva!life magazine, published by our sister group, Viva!, now incorporates VVF’s magazine Veggiehealth. Read exclusive health news, updates on the latest health research and in-depth articles, case studies and healthy recipes.

Fact sheets

One of each fact sheet FREE then each fact sheet 20p after that (RRP 40p).


The Big-D: Defeating diabetes through diet

A-Z of Hidden Nasties! Alphabetical glossary of animal substances

Talking Thyroid Facts - Why iodine is important and vegetarian/vegan foods support a healthy thyroid

Ironing out the Facts - Why Plant Iron is Best

Plant-based Diets and Cardiovascular Disease

Soya-based Infant Formula

Boning up on Calcium! Why plant calcium is best

B12 and the Vegan Diet

The Safety of Soya - the health benefits and supposed risks

Chewing the Fat - How a plant-based diet provides all the essential fats you need

The Protein Myth - Why vegetarian and vegan diets contain all the protein that you need

Simple Tips to Sharpen Wits



What I Need to Eat for Good Health Wallchart
£1 (RRP £2)
An inspiring, vibrant chart that details recommended portion sizes for each of the five veggie food groups and the essential vitamins and nutrients they provide.

Fabulous Foods for Female Fertility & Pregnancy Wallchart
£1 (RRP £2)
A friendly guide to getting the best nutrition for optimum fertility and pregnancy - the veggie way. Includes comprehensive sections on essential baby-making vitamins and minerals and what food sources to get them from.

Veggie Vitamins and Other Good Things Wallchart
£1 (RRP £2)
One of our best-sellers. A colourful and laminated wallchart which shows at a glance where to get all the nutrients needed for a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet. Size 23" x 8.25".

VVF Healthy Living Poster - see what you are missing
50p (RRP 99p)
See at a glance why vegetarians and vegans suffer less from killer diseases and live longer than meat-eaters. Fully-referenced on reverse.



Our guides are all written in an easy-to-read style, illustrated with useful tables and charts. They contain helpful hints and tips on how to change your diet to improve health. Many of them contain recipes with photos.

Healthy Eating


The Big-D: Defeating diabetes with the D-Diet
1.45 (RRP 2.90)
Eat to beat the disease - a guide providing you with know-how together with show-how.

The Soya Story
1.15 (RRP 2.30)
Describes the nutritional benefits of soya foods, the wide range of health benefits and the environmental impact of soya farming. Also features a wide range of tasty, inventive recipes from miso soup to chocolate mousse. Contains useful information about soya foods that will both inform and reassure you that soya is a healthy, nutritious and safe food for people of all ages.

A Fighting Chance
1.45 (RRP 1.90)
This new easy-to-read colourful guide summarises the key findings of the VVF's scientific report on breast cancer and provides vital information on which foods can help fight cancer. Also includes a seven-day meal plan with inspiring healthy recipes.

Veggie Diets: Protecting Your Health
This guide is full of research showing the many health advantages of a plant-based diet. It contains advice from Britain's lowest prescribing doctor, David Ryde - a vegan GP who discovered that diet was the answer to many health problems. PLUS a guide to what vegetarians and vegans should eat each day and how easy it is to obtain all the protein, iron, calcium and even omega-3 fatty acids you need without eating meat, fish or dairy. A must-read for GPs or practice nurses.

Nutrition In A Nutshell
50p (RRP 1)
Why a plant-based diet is healthy and nutritious. Includes vitamin chart and where to obtain all the nutrients you need on a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Your Health In Your Hands
50p (RRP £1)
How diet affects our health. Easy-to-read and listing many of the common diseases, a vegetarian diet is shown as the overwhelmingly healthier alternative to the typical Western diet.

Fish-Free for Life
95p (RRP 1.90)
This guide explains why fish is not a health food and why plant omega-3s are better for you and the environment. Contains fish-free recipes.

White Meat Myths
95p (RRP 1.90)
Why white meat is not the healthy option - and guidance on healthier alternatives plus recipes.

For Sportspeople


Have a Heart
95p (RRP £1.90)
Colourful guide brimming with information, tips and recipes to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease (CVD). Covers heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Also includes 7-day menu plan with recipes.

The Food of Champions
50p (RRP £1)
Why plant-based diets are ideal for sports people.

Heart Health


Have a Heart
95p (RRP 1.90)
Colourful guide brimming with information, tips and recipes to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease (CVD). Covers heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Also includes 7-day menu plan with recipes.

Know Your Numbers… Blood Pressure
This handy pocket-sized guide gives the low-down on blood pressure and explains why a plant-based diet is the perfect way to lower it.

Slimming/Healthy Eating


The V-Plan Diet
£1 (RRP £2)
Helpful guide packed with easy to follow tips to help maximise both health and weight loss. Contains seven day meal plan with tasty and inspiring recipes.



It’s Easy To Be Dairy-Free
50p (RRP £1)
Pocket-sized shopping guide for new vegans and information on why dairy damages health.

How To Be Dairy-Free
A guide to healthier shopping and eating. Includes 20 vegan recipes with Tofu Heaven section.

Babies & Children


NEW Vegetarian & Vegan Mother and Baby Guide
1.25 (RRP £2.50)
A wealth of practical information on having a healthy pregnancy and vivacious, robust baby! Invaluable guide by Rose Elliot, Britain's best loved vegetarian cookery writer and Juliet Gellatley, founder of Viva! and Viva! Health. Includes a two-week menu plan for older babies and toddlers.

Healthy Veggie Kids
0.75 (RRP £1.50)
Healthy Veggie Kids is a must-have guide for any parent of a 0 to 16 year old who wants their child to be healthy!

This invaluable guide shows parents why a plant-based is so health protective. It covers what children aged 0 to 16 years need to eat and where to get it. It has an easy to digest food chart and portion size advice. It also explains why animal products can cause harm to children and adults. A fascinating read for anyone interested in helping children eat healthily.



The Big-D: Defeating diabetes through Diet
£2.50 (RRP £5.00)
This fully referenced report looks at the causes of both types of diabetes and investigates the link between diet and this disease. It also explains the groundbreaking D-Diet - the diet that can reverse type 2 diabetes and stabilize type 1.

White Lies
£2.50 (RRP £5)
This ground-breaking report reviews the scientific evidence linking dairy to disease and reveals the health consequences of consuming cow's milk. This health report by the VVF is 76 pages and reviews over 200 research papers.

£2.50 (RRP £5)
This scientific call for action shows how meat and dairy are at the core of the world's expanding epidemic. Read why plant-based diets are the solution.

One in Nine
£1.25 (RRP £2.50)
This fully-referenced report explains how breast cancer cases are continuing to rise and looks at how diet affects your risk of what has become a major killer in the West. The title, One in Nine, refers to the number of women in the UK who will get breast cancer in their lifetime! Find out how red meat and dairy are linked to breast cancer and how you can protect yourself with a diet rich in plant-based foods.

The Fish Report
This fully-referenced scientific report examines the science behind the health claims for oily fish. It describes why omega-fatty acids are important and reveals the research which shows that plant-based oils are better for human health and the environment.

White Meat Black Mark
Fully-referenced scientific report uncovering the truth about the health consequences of eating chicken, duck, turkey and goose. An important, revelationary and life-saving work.



Dr Greger - Latest Clinical Nutrition 2011

Dr Michael Greger, DVD,£7.99
Total Running Time: 90 minutes, Region 1 (not PAL)
Volume 5 of this ground-breaking series charts the latest nutritional studies in a friendly format. Over 44 chapters including: Cholesterol Bomb Shell; Vegetables vs Breast Cancer; Fish Oil in Troubled Waters and Unholy Guacamole?

Dr Greger - Latest Clinical Nutrition 2010

Dr Michael Greger, DVD,£7.99
Total Running Time: 2 DVDs, 3 hours, Region 1
Volume 4 of Dr. Greger's yearly, easy to understand and compelling review of the latest cutting edge science. There are 99 chapters to the 2010 DVDs including everything from Plant-based Diets and Mood to the Best Fruits for Cancer Prevention to issues surrounding Homeopathy.

Dr Greger - Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2007 DVD

Dr Michael Greger, DVD,£7.99
Running Time: 90 minutes, Region 1 (not PAL)
VVF highly recommended. The scientific papers published on nutrition and health are so numerous that it's hard to keep track. These DVDs review the latest cutting edge science in simple terms and so are ideal for the layperson fascinated by nutrition and health or the health professional wanting to keep up to date. Dr Greger scours the published papers and presents facts from them asking if the subject is harmful, harmless or beneficial to our health. This interactive approach, along with Dr Greger's excellent commentary, make the DVDs easy to watch. There is a menu so that you can use the DVDs for reference easily moving to the parts you need. The 2007 version explores the science on 34 topics: Preventing cancer: Which Foods to Avoid, IQ and Vegetarian Children, Raw Food Diet Myths to Diet and Body Odour!

Dr Greger - Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2008 DVD

Dr Michael Greger, DVD,£7.99
Running Time: 90 minutes, Region 1 (not PAL)
The 2008 DVD covers 52 topics from Black Coffee v Black Tea, Soya for Women with Breast Cancer?, Roasted Nuts v. Raw Nuts to Meat and Arthritis.

Dr Greger - Latest in Clinical Nutrition 2009 DVD

Dr Michael Greger, DVD,£7.99
Running Time: 90 minutes, Region 1 (not PAL)
Running Time: 2 DVDS, 3 hours, Region 1 (not PAL) There are 114 chapters to the 2009 DVDs including everything from The Healthiest Beverage (find out why tea is astoundingly good for the human brain!) to Carcinogens in Roasted Chicken to Gluten: Harmful or Helpful?

White Lies - Why you Don't Need Dairy Talk on DVD

VVF, DVD, 2 hours, 7
If you missed the sold out talk, buy the DVD! It features Professor Jane Plant (Your Health in Your Hands fame); Professor Colin Campbell (The China Study), Viva! Health's Dr Justine Butler and Viva! and VVF founder & director Juliet Gellatley. Topics include the latest research on dairy's link with cancer, the impact that its growth hormones have on human health, the dangers posed by milk proteins and saturated fats, how dairy causes heart disease, diabetes and obesity and whether we should consume dairy at all. Gripping and life-saving viewing!

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