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The VVF’s acclaimed magazine Veggiehealth has joined forces with Viva!LIFE magazine, published by our sister group, Viva!. The result of combining together these two, tri-annual glossy magazines has been to create a new look, bigger, better and wider-ranging magazine.

Exclusive health news, features and VVF campaign news penned by our well-qualified team are complemented by delicious recipes, celebrity interviews and animal news. You will also be able to read about Viva!’s campaigns for animals, enter serious giveaway competitions, read reviews of new products, probing features, classified ads and lots more besides.

Viva!LIFE is essential reading for all-round coverage on vegetarian and vegan issues – health, animals, environment and the developing world.

The summer 2009 issue includes an exclusive interview with Viva! and VVF patron Heather Mills and Viva! and VVF founder and director, Juliet Gellatley.

Tony Wardle takes another ascerbic look at global politics. We meet a delightful veggie mum and baby – and find out first hand about weaning veggie kids with confidence. Dr Justine Butler unravels some great new veggie scientific research, in Souring Science, including how to combat breast cancer with mushrooms and green tea!

Plus we bring readers exclusive recipes from Brighton's top vegetarian restaurant, Food for Friends.

Subscribers to Veggiehealth not only get a much bigger magazine but are now able to read about Viva!’s campaigns and all the great writing Viva!LIFE  has to offer.

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Past features archive from Veggiehealth magazine (pdfs):

Acrylamide – the Risk? Update on the food scare that first surfaced in 2002.

Sneeze, Wheeze, Itch: The link between eczema, asthma and hay fever and how diet can help you.

Turn Back the Clock: How simple lifestyle changes can improve your chances of a long and healthy life.

Atkins on Trial: The pseudo-science behind Atkins-type diets and why they can cause long term damage

Be a Bosom Buddy: How changing your diet can help in the battle against
breast cancer
Breast Cancer

Boning up on Calcium: Why you don’t need cow’s milk for healthy bones

The Dreaded Diabetes: Diet is all where diabetes is concerned and with
careful eating you can remain healthy

Government Fish Policy Fatally Flawed: The lowdown on plant oils versus fish oils

Flax, Saviour of the Universe: The virtues of flaxseed oil, extolled

Keep on Pumping: How a veggie diet can protect your heart
Heart Disease

Have a Heart: 12 steps to a healthier heart
Heart Health

Part Three of the VVF's Guide for Know-It-Alls
I Know for a Fact

Part Four of the VVF's Guide for Know-It-Alls
I Know for a Fact

The Iron Myth: How plant-based diets easily give you enough – and not excessive – iron

Flushed with Success: How to manage the menopause – the natural way

Message in a bottle

Milkybar Kidology: Why milk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Obesity, The Time Bomb Waiting to Explode: Why protecting our children must become a priority

Fat of the Land: Why the world just keeps on getting fatter

The Great Soya Saga: Should we be running scared of soya, or welcoming it into our stew pots?

The Great School Dinner Makeover: How to Make a Lunchbox as Healthy and Tasty as Possible
School Dinners

Get Slim and Stay Slim with the VVF's V-Plan Diet

Give it Some Welly: If strength, stamina and muscles are your priority
then veggie is the way to go, says Dr Justine Butler
Sports Nutrition

The Common Thrush... and what to do about it

Not all white on the night
White Meat