Concerned about raising your little one on a veggie diet? Confused about cooking without eggs? Want to know what to eat to maximise your health – or athletic performance? Then look no further. Written by experts, the VVF’s guides are brimming with up-to-date information and helpful advice.

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5:2 vegan-style


This guide explains why weight loss is fast on the 5:2 diet and how to keep the weight off.

The L-Plate Vegan


The ideal guide for new vegans. This excellent and practical booklet explains how to replace dairy products and eggs. Not a recipe book, this guide gives masses of ideas for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and ready-made foods available from supermarkets.

Building bones for life


A practical guide offering:
Nutritional guidance for building strong bones and teeth in adults and kids.
Advice on how to prevent and treat osteoporosis
Easy, gorgeous one week menu for children and adults

Nutrition in a Nutshell Guide



Why a plant-based diet is healthy and nutritious.

Your questions about protein, iron and calcium answered here! Includes a vitamin chart and where to obtain all the nutrients you need on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Written by Juliet Gellately, Founder & Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist. Introduction by Audrey Eyton, author of the F Plan Diet and F2 Diet.

The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet


Eat to beat the disease -a guide providing you with know-how together with show-how

Diabetes mellitus (the full medical name) is a health condition characterised by high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood, which the body cannot use properly and eventually excretes in the urine, together with a lot of water. It is caused either by the pancreas not producing the hormone insulin - or not enough of it - or by the body cells' inability to react to insulin.

Kids' cook veggie


This New guide for kids makes cooking veggie easy!

A fabulous 28 page colour booklet featuring 23 delicious, quick and healthy recipes, many of which were invented by young veggies and vegans themselves!

Healthy Veggie Kids


Healthy Veggie Kids is a must-have guide for any parent of a 0 to 16 year old who wants their child to be healthy!

Just imagine if you read of a diet that produced these headlines:
  • "Heart disease rates tumble! Misery lifted for relatives and friends. Top heart surgeon says most heart ops avoidable."
  • "Cancer deaths slump!"
  • "Millions taken off 'fatty' list."
  • "Diabetes figures fall for first time."
  • "Food poisoning cases tumble - records no longer worth maintaining."

What diet could it possibly be? That's easy! The same diet that children should be eating now so they enjoy good health throughout their lives - a well-balanced vegan or vegetarian diet.

This invaluable guide shows parents why a plant-based is so health protective. It covers what children aged 0 to 16 years need to eat and where to get it. It has an easy to digest food chart and portion size advice. It also explains why animal products can cause harm to children and adults.

A fascinating read for anyone interested in helping children eat healthily.

The Soya Story


Describes the nutritional benefits of soya foods, the wide range of health benefits and the environmental impact of soya farming. Also features a wide range of tasty, inventive recipes from miso soup to chocolate mousse. Contains useful information about soya foods that will both inform and reassure you that soya is a healthy, nutritious and safe food for people of all ages.

It's Easy to Be Dairy-Free Guide


An excellent summary of the diseases linked to dairy consumption – and why. From cancer to heart disease, allergies to diabetes, this guide explains the evidence that cow’s milk is not the wonder food it’s often labelled and that the fat, animal protein, hormones and growth factors damage health. The second section explains the basics of good health and gives the vast range of dairy-free alternatives that are available.

How to be dairy-free


Giving up dairy can seem like a minefield – but not with this great guide. It contains 20 dairy-free recipes with a four-page tofu feature that will breathe new life into your wok! Doing without butter or cooking without eggs, coping without milk chocolate or creating curdle-free cuppas, this practical guide showcases many tasty food alternatives. It contains survival tips and allays doubts about vitamin B12 and calcium and offers hope to milk chocolate or cheese junkies. And it’s all completely FREE!

Your Health in Your Hands


Updated 2007
Dr David Ryde, a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practice and Viva! and VVF associate director, Tony Wardle, explain how diet affects our health. Listing many of the common diseases they review the latest research and show that a vegetarian diet is overwhelmingly healthier than the typical Western meat diet. Easy to read and with 150 references. Edited by VVF Nutritionist, Amanda Woodvine and VVF director, Juliet Gellatley.

Food of Champions


Vegetarian and vegan diets for sports – an easy read for anyone who wants a healthy diet - whether you walk once a week or are a serious athlete. By VVF Nutritionist. Introduction by Dr Christine Fenn (Doctor of Nutrition).

Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide


A wealth of practical information on having a healthy pregnancy and vivacious, robust baby!

Invaluable guide by Rose Elliot, Britain's best loved vegetarian cookery writer and Juliet Gellatley, founder of Viva! and Viva! Health. Includes a two-week menu plan for older babies and toddlers.

The V-plan diet


Drawing on a wealth of scientific research, the V-Plan Diet showcases foods which can help minimise your risk of chronic diseases – whilst simultaneously sparking weight loss and keeping hunger at bay! The guide features over 28 tasty recipes to help you put these healthy eating guidelines to work straight away.

Professional Health Guide

Veggie-Diets Protecting Your Health


Written with healthcare professionals in mind, this free guide is brimming with research which shows the many health advantages of following a plant-based diet. Contains advice from Britain’s lowest prescribing doctor, David Ryde – a vegan GP who discovered that diet was the answer to many health problems, not pills or potions. PLUS a guide to what vegetarians and vegans should eat each day, and how easy it is to obtain all the protein, iron, calcium and even omega-3 fatty acids you need without eating meat, fish or dairy. A must-read for your GP or practice nurse.

Have a Heart


Colourful 32-page guide brimming with information, tips and recipes to prevent and treat CVD. Covers heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Also includes 7-day menu plan with recipes.

A fighting chance

A Fighting Chance

This new easy-to-read colourful guide summarises the key findings of the VVF’s scientific report on breast cancer and provides vital information on which foods can help fight cancer. Also includes a seven-day meal plan with inspiring healthy recipes including Tortilla Wraps with Mango Salsa, Quinoa Superbowl salad and the fabulous Summer Berry Compote.

Fish-free for life


This guide looks at the science behind health claims for fish and unearths the research that the fish industry would rather ignore - research which clearly shows that plant-based oils are much safer and healthier. It explains what omega-3 fats are, why they're important and recommends sources other than fish. It reveals precisely what toxins are present in fish and how harmful they can be. It explains why public health policies promoting oily fish are misplaced and how they effectively undermine health promotion. This guide will leave you in no doubt - fish is not a health food.

White meat myths

Colourful and groundbreaking guide, explaining why white meat is not the healthy option for adults or children, including exciting recipes using meat alternatives.

Get Healthy with heather

Get fit, feel good, look great! Heather Mills shows you how with this indispensable guide to going vegan. Includes a wealth of information on nutrition, shopping, recipes and a handy "veganiser" chart.

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