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Acne: Milk – spot on!

Acne: Milk – spot on!

Ageing: Old age shouldn’t mean ill heath! Simple lifestyle changes can improve your chances of a long and healthy life, as nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains as she shows you how to...

Alcohol: By Juliet Gellatley: Looking at the risks and benefits of enjoying wine and says 'salud'!

Allergies: Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of the VVF, looks at the link between eczema, asthma and hayfever and how diet can help you.

Arthritis: Joint venture: Does a vegan diet alleviate the agony of rheumatoid arthritis?


Bones: Dr Justine Butler demolishes the enduring myth that you need cow’s milk for healthy bones!

Bones: Growing up big and strong

Bones: Break Free

Brain health: Why a wholefood vegan diet can help blow away the blues

Breast cancer: How diet affects breast cancer


Caffiene: Confusion about caffeinated drinks is rife! Veronika Powell shuns the sensationalism and charts a path through the caffeine labyrinth.

Children: Simply by going veggie, children cut their risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity… So what are they eating – and what should they be eating? Here’s some winning tips to get it right!


Dairy: Is organic dairy milk the healthy option or are we being sold down the river?

Dairy: It's ubiquitous and sold as the next best thing to mother’s love and apple pie. But just what’s in your daily pinta? Dr Justine Butler investigates

Diabetes: Our groundbreaking campaign – The Big-D – aimed at everyone at risk of or suffering from diabetes, their families and health-professionals all over the UK.


Evolution: What is our natural diet? Are humans evolutionarily adapted to eat animals, plants or both?


Fertility: Being vegan can boost fertility and help you have a vivacious and robust baby!

Fish: Do we need Fish for Omega 3s and health?

Fish oils: Why fish oils are not the best choice.


Goats' milk: Nanny State: its impact on animals and our health


Heart disease: Recent studies show that when compared with meat-eaters, vegetarians have an incredible 25 per cent lower risk of dying from heart disease. How so? Many of the risk factors for heart disease are related to diet and vegetarian diets tend to be healthier.

Heart disease: Heart disease and diet.

Heart disease and diet: Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of Viva! &VVF looks at why former US president, Bill Clinton, turned vegan to mend his broken heart.


Menopause: Menopause Madness! Are you a hostage to hormones? What are the solutions? By Juliet Gellatley


Obesity: Why the world just keeps on getting fatter...

Obesity: Obesity is spiralling out of control and spreading across the globe. VVF nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains why in her Globesity report and outlines what you can do to lose weight perfectly, painlessly and permanently.


Pregnancy: Being veggie before and during pregnancy helps you have a vivacious and robust baby! By Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of Viva! and VVF, nutritional therapist and mum of vegan twin sons.


Soya: Setting the Record Straight: Soya foods may confer many health benefits, but remains controversial. Reviews the latest research and sets the record straight.

Sports: If strength, stamina and muscles are your priority then veggie is the way to go, says Dr Justine Butler.


Thrush: Thrush and what to do about it. Thrush, that annoying and for some, embarrassing infection of the vagina, is startlingly common - and on the increase.


White meat: Jamie Oliver has forced Turkey Twizzlers off the school menu – a junk food made up of fat, salt, fillers and about 34 per cent turkey slurry. If you’re contemplating tucking into a Christmas turkey, Amanda Woodvine (BSc Nutrition) asks a disturbing questi

White meat.: White meat is the healthy choice, we’re told. No it isn’t, says senior nutritionist Amanda Woodvine, as she explodes the chicken myth.

Juliet Gellatley

In 1994 Juliet founded Viva! - a vibrant, campaigning group that is now the biggest vegetarian and vegan organisation in Europe. She also set up the charity, the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation in 2002 to concentrate on health and nutrition. She directs both groups.

Over the past 20 years, Juliet has created and launched numerous campaigns and written several reports, guides and books, including the Silent Ark, Born to be Wild and the Livewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie. She has given hundreds of talks and media interviews on all aspects of vegetarianism. Juliet also writes regular health features for Viva!life and Lifestyle magazines and is a contributor to the CNM web site for nutritional therapists.

Juliet is a qualified nutritional therapist and runs Revive! Nutrition. She is the coauthor of guides such as Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby Guide, Healthy Veggie Kids and Nutrition in a Nutshell.

Juliet created The Incredible Veggie Show and National Vegetarian Week.

Juliet is an inspirational, fun and informative speaker and has made many media appearances across the world. She has a degree in zoology and psychology and diplomas in direct marketing and nutritional therapy.

Read more about Juliet.

Juliet's Features

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Veronika Powell

Veronika Powell MSc is a health campaigner at the Viva! Health (VVF) specialising in the links between diet, health and disease. Veronika is a biologist and a qualified teacher; and she has worked on a number of campaigns in the last decade.

After spending several years campaigning against animal experiments working with schools, universities, cosmetics companies and politicians, she moved on to vegan nutrition and health to show people that plant-based diet is the best possible and can be used for prevention or treatment of a number of diseases.

Veronika's Features

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Amanda Woodvine, Bsc Nutrition, MSc

Amanda Woodvine holds a BSc degree in Nutrition from King's College, London and an MSc in Public Health with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She is a consultant nutritionist for Viva! and its sister charity, the Viva! Health (VVF).

Her specialities include nutrition for the elderly, cardiovascular disease and obesity. She has authored a number of guides and reports for the VVF, including White Meat Black Mark - a scientific report investigating the health consequences of consuming white meat; the V Plan Diet, Globesity and Have a Heart.

Vegan Amanda has trekked some of the most rugged terrain in the Rift Valley of Tanzania, climbed Mount Losimingori and has run the London Marathon to raise funds for VVF!

Amanda's Features

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Dr Justine Butler

Dr Justine Butler is a VVF health consultant at the VVF and health writer. Justine holds a PhD in molecular biology, BSc biochemistry and Diploma in nutrition. As well as writing numerous scientific reports, guides and factsheets for the VVF, Justine has had an extensive list of articles published in health and trade journals, national and regional newspapers. She is a regular contributor to Network Health Dieticians magazine.

Justine's Features

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