Viva! Health (formerly The Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation) is a registered charity. It was set up to monitor and to explain the increasing amount of scientific research linking diet to health – providing accurate information on which to make informed choices.

We regularly communicate this information to the public, health professionals, schools and food manufacturers by:-

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Break Free campaign

The campaign is all about healthy bones, how to eat to grow big and strong and how to prevent osteoporosis later in life. It shows what really matters when it comes to bone health and exposes the truth behind misleading claims of the dairy industry.


Order our brand new Break Free report bringing you an overwhelming amount of science-based evidence speaking against dairy and other animal products and learn about our Break Free diet designed for people of all ages. You can also download it for free.


An easy-to-read guide explaining the theory but giving you plenty of practical advice, menu planner and healthy eating tips for children as well as adults. Read, download or order it here.

Fact sheet

And finally here's our updated calcium fact sheet.

Viva! responds to Tom Parker Bowles' accusations on ITV

As you might have heard, Tom Parker Bowles said that raising children on a vegan diet is child abuse on ITV's This Morning show earlier this week. It went unchallenged but as it's a serious accusation, we felt it would be appropriate to react to it. Here you can see our letter to ITV.

If you want to support our message, please write to thismorning@itv.com.

Give As You Live

Viva! Health has signed up with Give As You Live! You can shop via the Give as you Live store or download Give as you LiveT and raise money when you shop directly at your favourite online stores. Check it out and start raising funds for the VVF today!

Volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers who'd be willing to help us distribute campaign leaflets. As you probably know we've launched a new campaign - The Big-D. The campaign is centred around the D-Diet which has the power to reverse diabetes but is also aimed at people who want to prevent this disease.

If you could help us distribute the leaflets in your area (eg put a few in a local library, golf club, bingo club, community venue, church, etc.), please send us an email with your address and the number of leaflets you'd like us to send you. Write to liam@viva.org.uk and put 'diabetes leaflets' in the subject line. Thank you!

New Diabetes section online


The life-changing guide The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet is now available online. Whether you want to get your diabetes under control, prevent diabetes or try a new weight-loss diet, this guide is exactly what you need!

The easy to read guide explains the principles of the diet and why it works and also contains a wealth of cooking and shopping tips, a meal planner and a week's worth of recipes.

If you decide to give the D-Diet a go, try it for four weeks and see the results for yourselves! We want to hear about your experience so if you want to share your results and remarks with us, please download our feedback form and send it back to us after you've completed the four weeks.

The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes through diet

New Viva! Health campaign!

Viva! Health has launched an exciting new campaign - The Big-D - aimed at people who either have diabetes or want to avoid it.

The number of diabetics is sky-rocketing and people are developing this disease at a younger age than ever before. The campaign includes a new guide The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet and The Big-D report.

As proved by clinical trials, the D-Diet produces better results than any single medication. It has the power to change your metabolism and reverse diabetes or reduce your chances of developing it to the bare minimum.

Vegan recipes - website a great success!

Delicious vegetarian recipes

saladViva! and Viva! Health have teamed up to produce a fantastic new dedicated recipe website. The Vegetarian Recipe Club, which started life as a subscribed publication, is now FREE for everyone to access online. All recipes are suitable for vegans and those with dairy intolerances.

To find out more, search recipes, read blogs, get health tips and advice and a weekly email newsletter, visit www.vegetarianrecipeclub.org.uk.


Viva! Health launches new Healthy Veggie Kids Guide

Learn how to cut your kids' risk of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity, with our new Healthy Veggie Kids guide. Written by VVF founder & director, nutritional therapist, Juliet Gellatley with Laura Scott MSc Nutrition, read about every nutrient a child or teenager needs and how to get it.

Featuring a handy chart of what children should eat each day, winning tips for giving kids their 5 a day, recipe ideas, plus detailed information about vitamins and nutrients and where to get them - it's one not to be missed!

To order Healthy Veggie Kids, priced at £1.50 plus p+p, visit our shop, or call 0117 970 5190.


Art for animals

Artists helping Viva! save animals through their work:

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Get your kids in shape with veggie kids website

Viva! Health has launched a fantastic new family website, where you can check how your kids are shaping up.

Government statistics warn that nine out of 10 children could grow up with dangerous amounts of fat in their bodies - so helping them to make the right food choices could help prevent life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and
heart disease from developing in later life.

www.veggiekids.org.uk is a fantastic new resource designed as a one-stop-information shop for veggie kids and parents. It features everything you need to know about how kids can enjoy a happy and nutritious animal-free diet - and includes a facility to check whether or not your child is overweight.

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Viva! Health can help you and your family to start eating healthily – giving everyone the chance of a brighter future.

“The vast majority of diseases that kill most of us before our time in the West can be prevented by consuming an all plant-based diet. There are no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not obtained to better advantage in plant-based foods.”
T. Colin Campbell, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry



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One in Nine

Find out why breast cancer cases are rising, now affecting one in nine women and read about the major role of diet.

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Livestock production is destroying the planet The most effective action you can take to reduce global warming is to change your diet – move away from meat, dairy and other animal products and go vegan! Click here to find out more about Viva!'s HOT! campaign.

Livestock production is destroying the planet
The most effective action you can take to reduce global warming is to change your diet – move away from meat, dairy and other animal products and go vegan! Click here to find out more about Viva!'s HOT! campaign.